Matt Grasso

Matt Grasso

6:00pm – 10:00pm Monday-Friday

Matt does his best (and often fails) in making your workday a happy and exciting place.

Tune in to the Buzz’s longest running program, The Buzz Back Lunch, playing old school Buzz music every weekday from Noon-1pm.

Matt likes the EPL, the NFL, Las Vegas and Authentic German Bratwursts. Tune in to Matt every weekday from 10am-2pm and Sundays from 10am-3pm…’cause who doesn’t love working every Sunday…

Taste of the Fair: Oct 16-18

The final Taste of the Fair event of 2020 will take place on the Midway Friday, October 16th through Sunday, October 18th! Fried Dough – French Fries – Gourmet Burgers – Bloomin’ Onion – Candy Apples – Deep-Fried Tacos – Lemonade – Brazilian BBQ – Corn Dogs – Cotton Candy – Fajitas – Loaded Tater Tots…