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-3:50AM (1st alarm goes off, a barely awake Powers proceeds to hit snooze button).

-4:05AM (a sluggish Powers proceeds to put on two different socks while getting dressed in the dark.)

-4:20AM (waiting for dog to “finish his business”…still waiting).

-4:25AM (1st pot of coffee for a severely decaffeinated Powers).

-4:26AM (coffee is delicious).

-4:30AM (a grumpy Powers begins his early AM commute of solitude).

-5:00AM (a slightly awake Powers arrives at Weaver Hill in the “gritty city” and enjoys 1st pot of work coffee).

-5:10AM (more coffee=more delicious).

-5:15AM (2nd pot of work coffee is finished…a slightly more caffeinated Powers has become self-aware).

-5:40AM (3rd pot of work coffee…Powers has arrived at status: fully caffeinated).

-5:55AM (Powers…overly caffeinated).

-6AM (Powers ready to kick off your MORNING BUZZ at full volume…minus the occasional shakes).

*DISCLAIMER: Do not try this at home*.

*BUZZ Management would like to express its sincere apology weekday mornings from 6-10AM*.