Prize Winner FAQ

Where can I pick up my prize?
– Winners from VT can pick up prizes at the station business office at 450 Weaver Street in Winooski GET DIRECTIONS
– Winners from NY can pick up prizes at Perrywinkles Fine Jewelry at 75 Smithfield Boulevard in Plattsburgh GET DIRECTIONS

When can I pick up my prize?
– If you’re picking up at the station business office, please wait until the next business day. Prize pick up can happen anytime during regular office hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
– If you’re picking up at Perrywinkles in Plattsburgh, wait until the Wednesday following the day you won. After that Wednesday, prize pick up can happen anytime during Perrywinkles regular store hours.

What do I need to claim my prize?
– Identification is required and you will be asked to sign saying you received your prize.

Will the station mail my prize?
– Unfortunately, no prizes will be mailed. If you are unable to come to the station, call (802) 860-2440 to give permission in advance for someone else to claim your prize for you.

How long do I have to claim my prize?
– Your prize will be held for 30 days, after which time, the prize becomes the property of the station.

When can I try to win again?
– You must wait 90 days before trying to win anything else from this station.

Taste of the Fair: Oct 16-18

The final Taste of the Fair event of 2020 will take place on the Midway Friday, October 16th through Sunday, October 18th! Fried Dough – French Fries – Gourmet Burgers – Bloomin’ Onion – Candy Apples – Deep-Fried Tacos – Lemonade – Brazilian BBQ – Corn Dogs – Cotton Candy – Fajitas – Loaded Tater Tots…